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In the dynamic landscape of Industry 4.0, automation and robotics have long been the go-to solutions for mass-produced goods. Yet, for companies like Price Industries, renowned for its diverse product portfolio and high mix/low volume manufacturing, accessing advanced manufacturing solutions has posed a challenge.

Recognizing the opportunity for enhanced production efficiency, Price Industries, a leader in non-residential air movement technologies, has partnered with mode40 to take their Manufacturing Operations to the next level via an industry-first AI-enabled MES. mode40 is spearheading and leading a first-of-its-kind, four-year endeavor fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) with the intentions to release modules of software products it will develop every six months, starting at the end of 2024. mode40 will showcase ongoing innovation and will come away with its own proprietary technology that it will be free to market to other clients. This agile approach underscores the commitment to continuous improvement and market responsiveness that mode40 is excited to release to the Manufacturing Industry.

The project, appropriately named “Discrete Manufacturing Assembly Transformation,” aims to revolutionize Price’s production processes, setting a new standard in the industry and unlocking the potential to optimize processes enabling team members to focus on value-adding tasks to the business. Price Industries Director of Engineering Services, Graham Fediuk, emphasizes the novelty of the endeavor, stating, “This is something that does not exist. It will be novel and new.”

At its core, the collaboration seeks to harness AI and automation technologies to streamline production across Price’s extensive product range. Fediuk underscores the importance of the project, asserting, “Right now, we are the market leaders in North America, but there is always competition. This will push us to the next level, further distancing ourselves from our competitors and it will ensure that our company remains relevant for years to come.”

The project promises heightened efficiency by optimizing scheduling and removing the manual need for painstaking and time-consuming tasks without compromising employment security. Fediuk reassures that this leap forward will not only solidify Price’s position as an industry leader but also foster growth, both in market share and employment opportunities.

The partnership extends beyond mere collaboration; it embodies shared values and a commitment to excellence. mode40 is partnered with several Fortune 100 companies, driving high-end digital transformation initiatives and leverages extensive expertise in advancing Industry 4.0. With over 20 years of delivering industry-leading MES initiatives, mode40 now offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet industry needs. With a mission to guide clients through their digital transformation journey, mode40 seamlessly integrates engineering and technology to optimize manufacturing systems. Co-founder Cameron Bergen expresses the honor of working alongside Price Industries, stating, “Price is known in their industry as the leaders when it comes to quality. They expect their partners’ products to be at the same level. So we feel honored to be working with them.”

mode40 will lead Price Industries’ AI-enabled manufacturing journey and focus on innovation with purpose. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and fostering strategic partnerships, Price sets the stage for transformative growth, ensuring relevance and retaining a competitive advantage in the evolving landscape of smart manufacturing.

To learn more, read the Winnipeg Free Press’ news release HERE for more information.

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