In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, speed is paramount. The ability to bring projects to fruition quickly can make all the difference between seizing opportunities or falling behind. At mode40, we understand the importance of accelerating time-to-value, we operate as an extension of your team, or the entire team. We leverage our manufacturing knowledge and experience to drive value for your operations by expediting project completion.

Reducing Project Timelines: At mode40, we believe in rapid results. We work hand in hand with your organization’s Operations, IT/OT, Engineering, and Quality departments to act as a project accelerator while ensuring all business requirements are met and exceeded. We leverage our experience with other clients to share digital transformation best practices and return value from your technology investments.

Maximizing Efficiency and ROI: Time is money, and at mode40, we recognize the importance of delivering tangible results within tight deadlines. Through our in-depth understanding of your industry and business processes, we optimize project timelines while focusing on efficiency and return on investment (ROI). Our holistic approach ensures that every aspect of the project aligns with your strategic objectives, driving maximum value from your investments.

Collaborative Partnership for Success: At mode40, we view our clients as partners on the path to success. Our collaborative approach allows us to work with your team to understand your unique business goals, challenges, and requirements to strategically align our resources accordingly. We become an extension of your organization, leveraging our subject matter expertise to guide you through the journey of accelerating time-to-value. Together, we overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and deliver results that exceed expectations.

Case Study: mode40 was approached by a Food Manufacturer seeking to better understand their giveaway & losses high on filling lines that run liquid products of varying density. mode40 implemented an SPC solution in less than 90 days. We discovered that the Filling machines were manually adjusted by SKU allowing human intervention to be a cause of incorrect machine setup. We also found that the response of the filling machines varied due to environmental conditions and sensor drift was occurring between preventative maintenance cycles. We enabled a solution for this customer by implementing a new network-enabled in-line checkweighers and created a standard process for re-calibration every 6 months, reprogrammed PLC’s flow meter filling setpoints adjusted to account for drift and physical response time based on statistical monitoring of scales, created an alarm system for employee notification SPC should drift go too high. From our solutions, this particular customer saw a 2% reduction in product giveaway resulting in greater than $1MM in value creation, and scaled the solution to 12 sites following. This happy mode40 customer saw a $10+MM return from a less than 500k investment, that’s the mode40 difference.

Conclusion: When it comes to accelerating time-to-value, mode40 stands out as the must-work-with partner. Our expertise, streamlined processes and advanced technology solutions empower businesses to achieve rapid success. Whether you’re embarking on a new project, seeking to optimize existing processes, or looking to extract value from your manufacturing operations, mode40 is your trusted ally.

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Jon French

Technology Integration Expert | Manufacturing Problem Solver | 10x ROI